Gents Juice

Gents Juice | Grape Soda
Gents Juice | Creme Soda
Gents Juice | Brandy Soda
Gents Juice | Pineapple Soda

Salt Nic

Vampire Vape SALTS | Heisenberg
Vampire Vape SALTS | Pinkman
Air Factory SALTS | Mystery
Air Factory SALTS | Berry Rush
Cloud Nurdz SALT | Peach Blue Razz
Cloud Nurdz SALT | Kiwi Melon
Cloud Nurdz SALT | Grape Apple
Zonk SALT | Pink Lemonade
Skwezed SALT | Mango
Skwezed SALT | Lychee
Puffy Puffs SALT | XXX Musk
Puffy Puffs SALT | XXX Mint
Brand Name SALT | Widow
Brand Name SALT | Summer Breeze
Loaded SALT | Strawberry Jelly Donut
Loaded SALT | Glazed Donut
Loaded SALT | Cran Apple
NKD 100 SALT | Polar Breeze
Cloud Nurdz SALT | Strawberry Lemon
I Love Salts | Spearmint Gum
I Love Salts | Island Squeeze
I Love Salts | Grappleberry
RYPE SALTS | Tropical Strawberry
RYPE SALTS | Pineapple
NKD 100 SALT | Very Cool
NKD 100 SALT | Really Berry
Yami Salts | Taruto

The Cloud Lounge Vape Shop

Welcome to the Cloud Lounge the one stop vape shop for all your vaping needs. Whether you're new to vaping or an experienced vaper you'll be sure to find what you need at the Cloud Lounge.

We are Africa's largest store and we're doing things a little differently. Come and join us for a Molinari coffee or drinks and enjoy our lounge where you can sample our e liquids or watch it being made in our very own lab. Get advice and training on coil builds from our friendly staff who are on hand to make sure you're vaping needs are met.

Are you stocked up already and just looking for a place to chill and vape? No problem, we have plenty of space and you can order food & drinks from our friendly neighbours!

Why not pop over to IAVA's facebook page (I AM VAPE AFRICA) where you can get advice, meet great people and be a part of the vape community!

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